Here's the Craigslist ad:

It's a 2001 R/T
Black. Had cancer, was repainted after accident(my uncle owns a body shop and did the whole car for what he got from insurance)
Shows no signs of cancer, though has some minor chipping on rear bumper cover.(where the lips are on the bottom on both sides)

Under 35k on Engine
under 30k on Tranny. (rebuilt with solid wave ring)
new headlights
fiberglass hood

[edit]Previous engine was NOT bad. Just had 195k on it. Found a 4k engine at a local junk yard at the same time as I was rebuilding the transmission(for the second time, this time we did it right, with the solid wave ring and all updates) and figured.. might as well.

dash is cracked above pod on drivers side.
drivers seat leather is wearing through.

Pretty much already sold this Thursday, just throwing it on here if sale goes through.
Runs and drives absolutely perfect. has slight pull to right since rotate tires but they say thats what it's supposed to do in case you fall asleep..
I have the emblem for the front, kinda like the look without, wanted to bondo the spot and smooth it out but never did.
have white stickers never put on..

has 16" enkei rz-5's.
comes with original 17's(will be for sale after car sells, don't think new owner wants them...)

Selling because I bought an 06 WK Grand Cherokee.
Don't need to sell but hoping to put a better down payment on a house...

list any questions on here and i'll try reply.