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Full Version: 2004 srt4
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i have a 2004 srt-4 for sale, has 56,000 miles. im currently in north carolina but am driving to rochester, ny soon. need to get rid of the car. it is completely stock other than the sound system, pioneer deck with blue tooth, polk refrence speakers, and kicker sub and amp. the car has a salvage title. hit a deer but it is all fixed. couple of dings on the bumper, nothing major. asking 9200. need to get rid of this car before the1st of january, im deploying and cant have the car sitting at home rotting. this is a steal. someone should eat this car up. its a blast to drive. very motivated seller.
hey! i remember you.

for 9200, damn. let me talk to my accountant in the morning, see what my funds look like. i could use a new "company" car that gets good gas mileage to go do estimates with.
pics with your name on it? read the rules.
QUOTE (04dodgestratusr/t @ Nov 24 2008, 05:58 AM) *
pics with your name on it? read the rules.

no rules applied here.
any pictures? im an hour away from Rochester in Buffalo, and i can think of someone who may be interested, if you're that desperate.

and the salvage title is from the deer? usually salvage implies something very un-minor. like i said though, pictures would be appreciated if possible.

^^^Un-minor deer damage
^ blink.gif ... laugh.gif noice.
i was too distracted by the... um... deer insides that it took me a few seconds to realize that it wasnt the SRT-4.

on the plus side though, you've managed to find a car with an engine bay that was dirtier than mine!
- Honey, I think we hit a deer...
- What? ... Oh, yeah. Nevermind! OMG, 150MPH is so much FUN!
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