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Year: 2002
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Model: Stratus
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Body Style: Coupe
Engine: 2.4L
Trans: 5-Speed
From: Gurnee,IL
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20 Dec 2010
ok so as some of you may have read a little wile back i was starting to toss around the idea of either buying a new car and getting rid of my strat or buying a POS and start building my strat up.....

well heres a little bit of back story: i was forced to move to northern illinoies back in the middle of september, and had a hard time finding a job. i finally got a job working at sears and things were looking up. today was my first day and everything was going really good till i went out to the parking lot to brush all the snow off my car. i was working from the back of my car to the front, and then i noticed my hood looked weired. i took one brush across it and instantly found out that someone had backed into my car and simply drove off. affter assessing the damage : my hood, DS fender, bumper, and possibly my radiator are all fucked. the DS headlight shattered, and something i the stearing is all sorts of fucked up cus now i cant turn right.

with that being said....i havent had car insurance for the last 9 weeks due to not having a job. plans were to get my insurance reinstated with my first paycheck.....now im fucked big time

i know most of you probably dont give a shit, or think im a dumbfuck for driving it with no insurance....but i really had no choice,as my strat was my only means of transportation......

sorry for my rant, please dont reply if all you are gonna do is tell me im an idiot, i already feel bad enough cuz i love my car

21 Nov 2010
ok guys so i am having a bit of a delema. my car just hit 165k miles and i just started thinking what i should do. my transmission either needs to be replaced or rebuilt, because almost all of my sycros are bad, from my clutch master cylinder going out a wile back. i also have no idea if the timing belt was ever changed and that worries me. btw i have the 2.4L not the 3.0L if that matters any lol.

so what i have been doing is tossing around the idea of either parting ways with my stratus, or parking it and buying another car and finally save money to do the mods i have been wanting to do forever to it lol. my roommate just offered to sell me his turboed 2000 eclipse(yes its a 3g)with under 82k on it as a parts car. his trans is still strong and i could use the parts to turbo my stratus if i wanted to. but that would mean needing to buy a second car anyway lol. i have always had plans to do the AWD on my strat and i just moved north of chicago and there are alot of wrecked 2g eclipses and talons in the junk yards around here.

pretty much im just being really indecicive as to what i wanna do but i have to make a decission kinda soon do to the miles on my car. i am turning to you guys for your input good or bad. i have loved my car since the day i originaly bought it thus why i am kinda at a cross roads
15 Mar 2010
Ok this is possibly a stupid question.....do we need a front camber kit when lowering our cars? I know we need one in the rear, but I keep seeing people on C3g mentioning a front camber kit for our suspention??????

13 Mar 2010
Ahead a time I appoligize I this is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I also apologize for the subject matter.

The question at hand is the Greedy Evo 2 exaust. I know what it sounds like on a R/T, an eclipse GT and GTS. How ever I can't find a personal review or a good audio quality clip on YouTube of the Evo 2 exaust on a 2.4l. I know it will be more high pitched than on a 3.0l. I'm just not sure if it will be weedeatterish or ricey.

I figured it was a safer choice to ask here first before asking onC3g and get flamed out of existance. And before you guys get on my case to use the search on here and C3g I did and used differnt keywords and couldn't get an anwser.

I currently have the muffler delete. And love the way it sounds but I may be moving to new York in the next few months and I'm gonna have to get an exaust yo pass inspection.

Once again I apologize for asking about exaust, just couldn't find the info I was lookin for.

6 Mar 2010
Clutch went out 8 months ago....month later slave went out, changed it. Just changed the clutch master cylinder and now the clutch won't fully disengage at all. Can't put it into or take it out of gear if car is running. If I start the car in first I can't get it back out of gear unless I shut off the car.

I have a 2002 2.4L 5 speed. Please help

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