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Year: 2005
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2 Nov 2018
Both my windows are not working.
Stopped one day... went back to the car about 20 minutes later, they worked again, then nothing the next day.
- replaced fuses as just a precaution
- bypassed the relay (should be the rectangle one in the drivers side dashboard, 2nd position, right? )
- checked wiring into the main switch
- only getting 2.5v at the green/red wire and the purple wire, yellow red/black have nothing
- lights are not on and will not dim or get brighter
- door lock works just fine

kind of stumped at the moment - going to take the door panel off later and see if i can find any broken wires possibly, but not sure what else to check

it's an 05 stratus SXT coupe 2.4l
7 May 2016
So, night before last, my oil light started flickering at idle. Thought nothing of it and checked my oil which was a touch low... added enough oil to make it right to the midle of my dip stick and went along my way. Next day (today) I went driving around and I looked down at at a red light my oil light came on again and I watched it every light.

As soon as I pressed on the gas it went away, so I just popped it into neutral at all lights and tapped the gas to keep the light off and the pressure up.

It's about time for an oil change (I'm at 5000 miles, so it's time). But I'm sitting at 140,000 miles and kind of scared as I moved and I have no other way to get to work.

So, what are the oprions I have right now?

Replace bearings?
Replace oil sender unit?
Change the idle a bit higher?

2.4l 4 cylinder
140x miles
15 Aug 2013

I had never really paid attention to the idle of my car really until my wife bought a new card and i noticed how smooth everything was... so i may be over thinking things a bit. But i thought i'd ask to make sure.

My car is an automatic, 2.4l, 4cyl.
When i first start my car, my idle is around 1500k which is fine, then it goes down to around 8-1000k nice and smoothly within about 4-5 minutes and then goes to about 700k and sticks and idles fine.
Put it into reverse, and the idle goes down a bit to maybe 600 and it seems more or less like maybe a touch more of an aggressive cam goes in all of a sudden (a lumpy idle, but nothing that feels like a misfire, or the timing being off).
go into neutral, and the car idles perfectly like a brand new car, no lumpyness at all.
Go into drive and then it gets a titch lumpy idle again...
accelerates just fine, has never died on me at a red light or in traffic, but when i stop at a red light or whichever, the idle seems to be a bit rough (like i said... a titch lumpy...) now, i think it's always been like this (the car and i have been together for 6 years and about 100k) but i never paid attention to it because i went from 80s volkswagens (sciroccos, rabbits and the like) with exhausts and cams to this, so the difference felt way smooth, so i ignored it.

i guess i'm just making sure before i worry too much.
24 Jun 2012
so i found my brake light was out yesterday, so i ran to the parts store, picked up the bulbs. swapped them out, and my brake lights still aren't working.
Checked fuses, all are fine.
Funny thing is, the running lights come on just fine, just for some reason the brake light on the passenger side doesn't get a signal.

i'm going over today to pick up my canopy so i can work on it a bit and try to troubleshoot, but i'm wondering, is this a normal thing that someone has gone through before?

need to check brake switch (on our cars, does it have 2 separate signal wires, one for each side? or a single wire out?)
check the wiring at the taillight assy itself.

kick bumper.. haha.

but in all seriousness, i'm not sure what would cause this.
31 May 2012
Hey all,

So, i know i'm gonna get flack for this. But i'm needing to buy a trailer hitch for some random stuff i buy, tow around etc. nothing would be heavy (loads wouldn't exceed 200lbs or so) but it is way too large to fit INTO my stratus (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) .
So i know uhaul has my hitch, but i can't find anywhere else that does?

this is the kinda stuff i need to trailer around... i'm very much into home brewing and this is my setup, all together its about 200lbs, 6' long, 18" wide and about 30" tall. There are tons of home brewing meet ups lately where we bring out all of our equipment and 20-30 or more guys are all brewing at once.
also, random couches, some plywood etc.


like this!


anyone? anyone??!
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