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Year: 2004
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Trim: STI
Body Style: Sedan
Engine: EJ25
Trans: 6 Speed
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17 Feb 2009
Here we go. Everything does not include shipping. Feel free to make a reasonable offer on anything listed. Keep in mind the wheels, brake setup, springs, and struts will all not be cheap to ship.

For Sale:

- Factory 4 Disc CD Changer. CDs sometimes has a hard time ejecting. $40
- Clear Cornered 2.5G OEM Headlight. Took it when they hauled off my car. Approximately 72,000 miles it saw. Make an offer.
- 3 Gauge Black A Pillar Pod $40
- Rear Disc Swap Setup (never installed). Includes every single part needed. R1 Concepts Drilled/Slotted Rotors, 3G Backing Plates, Calipers and lines. Brand new brake shoes. $250
- OEM Struts. Came off at about 60,000 miles. Make an offer.
- OEM Springs. Came off at about 60,000 miles. Make an offer.
- OEM 2005 Stratus SXT wheels - haven't seen outside of a box since December 06. Make an offer.






Wheels picture coming soon (today). They're in individual boxes in my garage.
10 Jan 2009
Adios, le Strat. I've been insanely busy looking for a car for the past few days, needing one asap for a reasonable price to get to work and school. Looks like the successor has arrived.

2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, 32xxx miles.



5 Jan 2009
So Saturday night, I'm coming home from work. The whole day there was a light snow, so by the time I left it had already stuck to the ground. Coming down the road, eager to come watch my Chargers play the Colts, it happens. As I'm heading west, my light turns green a good 200 feet before I come to it. Due to the roads and FWD, I'm crusing 20-25 mph. Loh and behold, a forest green mid 90s Jeep Cherokee decides to pull out into the intersection as I'm about 25 feet from it. I see this and immeditaley think "HOLY FUCK!!!" and tap the brakes to slow down and try to avoid the inevitable. The lady is clueless about everything going on and doesn't either A: stop or B: speed the fuck up and get out of the damn intersection since a car is coming right at you!

Bam. The Stratus and chunk of cement aka Jeep Cherokee collide. The front end of the Strat essentially t bones her passenger side of the Jeep, directly between the two doors. I brace for impact; expecting the seatbelt to wring my neck and the airbag to bust my nose. I scream as I see my hood bend and bend and bend. I jump out into the frigid temperature beyond pissed off. My baby, the car I've grown to love despite all the trials and tribulations I've run across with, are hurt. Her headlights beam and flicker at me as one dies before my eyes. The radiator purges anitfreeze all over the road, steam clouding the entire hood and engine bay. I see silver pieces strung across the intersection, my car no longer having that 'pissed off' look our front ends give, but rather looking like it belongs in and ITC.

I am in sheer despair, sad that my car has been sabotaged by a bastard Jeep product. Cops are called, and there is an apparent fire in the area. They'll be there "within the next hour or so" (IMG:style_emoticons/default/blink.gif) . I am in disbelief. I am beyond mad at this lady. All it too was to not pay attention to the road and change her radio and "see green (being my light) out of the corner of her eye" so she went.

We pull off the main street into the grocery store parking lot next to us. Cops finally show up about an hour and fifteen minutes later. The accident report is filed, and the information is exchanged. She admitted fault, and the baby is sitting across the street at Euro Collision waiting to be examined, as my binoculars sit on the window ledge overlooking their shop. My rental car sits outside, a Saturn Aura hybrid, right where my baby used to sleep for the night.

I look at pictures of my car named Daisy, since she always used to brighten the day when I saw her and got in, regardless of what was wrong with her or how pissed off she made me. I remember how happy I was the day I got my first 'real' car, trading a POS 88 Chevy Lumina for her. I remember every picture I took of her, when it was, where, and if I was with anyone. I remember the pain in the ass things were to install no matter how easy they normally are. I look at the very most recent one and miss her more than anything.



15 Oct 2008
This is an idea I got off of the "Gas Prices and how they set you back" thread. I thought it'd be interesting to get the numbers on different gas stations, different levels of octane, and the overall efficiency of the gas. Over the course of time, I'll be recording all this info in this first part to this thread. If anyone else wants to do something like this, it'd be interesting to compare results.

EPA Says: Auto 2.4L = 19 city miles, 26 highway miles
EPA: Manual 2.4L = 21 city, 29 highway
EPA: Auto 3.0L = 18 city, 25 highway
EPA: Manual 3.0L = 18 city, 26 highway

Keep in mind, variables like driving style (lead foot, etc), tire pressure, and mods to the car play into this as well. My main goal is to see if 1) the EPA thing is fairly correct and 2) See if mods to our platform have an adverse affect on gas mileage.

Date: 10/06/08
Gas Station: Shell
Gas: 91 Otcane V-Power
Volume: 7.982 Gallons
Price per gallon: $3.759
Efficiency: 24.68 miles/gallon (197 miles from fill up to fill up)
Notes: Through this time period, I only drove in the city. Not once on the highway (school mainly).

Date: 10/15/08
Gas Station: Shell
Gas: 85 Octane
Volume: 7.866 Gallons
Price Per Gallon: $3.179
Efficiency: ?
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Stratus R/T 008
21Strat- I am sorry to here about your loss. I have a car identical to your former stratus( sorry) and I want to know, where the heck you got your replacement headlamps????
you can contact me here or mrwillielewis_12yah oo.com,Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
12 May 2009 - 6:24
you suck! thanks for the help d-bag.
25 Apr 2008 - 6:47
ever check your messages, numb nuts?
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