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25 years old
Edgerton, Minnesota
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Year: 2006
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28 Nov 2013
Hey guys, so I've been contemplating making my headlight business official and I'm gonna need to give it a name. I'm in the process of making some business cards at the moment as well as a Facebook page, so once I decide on a name for the business you will be seeing this up shortly!

A few that I have come up with include:

Midwest Retrofits
Midwest Customs

About all I've come up with for now, haha. That being said i'm just curious to see what you guys all have to say and some ideas that I might be able to incorporate.



9 Nov 2013
So I figured since some of us are
posting our winter vehicles/beaters, I figured i'd share mine. Towards the end of the summer a guy I knew was trying to sell his 92 Ford Bronco, and I was kinda on the market for a beater/winter vehicle. I ended up picking it up for $600, but it wasn't the prettiest turd that rolled the streets. The guy I bought it from loved lime/monster green, and went through plenty of cans of spray paint with it. The topper was painted green, grill, door panels, and a lof of other various interior trim pieces. On top of that two of the rims (one being the spare) were painted emergency red. Needless to say, that was all removed very quickly. I've been doing a little body work on it since I can get the materials really cheap so it looks more like a vehicle than a clown car going down the street. It came with American Racing rims with 32" tires that still had really good tread left so that really sealed the deal for me.

Some pics of the day that I bought it:

Took the topper off, polished the wheels, and did a little body work.

9 Sep 2013
Looking to buy a passenger side 2g headlight. All I'm looking for is something with housings in good condition with all of the tabs in place. Hazy lenses are fine. Let me know what you've got!
14 May 2013
I'm sure not many have you have had the need to take out you're headlights yet, but for when you do, here is a little guide on how to properly remove the front bumper to remove the headlights without any damage or altercations. I'm hoping this will save you guys the time and frustration of removing these if the situation presents itself.

First: Remove the plastic push tabs holding the wheel well liner to the bumper on both sides. They should have a plastic screw the comes out and then releases the tension. Don't stress if you destroy these, they are hard not to. Just go to you're local auto parts store and they'll have a bunch.

Second: Locate the two bolts securing the bumper to the fender on each side, these are very tricky to get to. I suggest either a long ratchet extension or in some cases you can squeeze a mini ratchet in there. It will likely be a 10mm socket (That's what mine were anyway).

Third: In most cases, there will be four bolts along the radiator at the top of the bumper you will need to remove, as well as a black plastic push tab in the very center of it all. These should be the final bolts you will need to remove in order to successfully drop the bumper from the vehicle.

Fourth: Removing the headlights is simple at this point. First, you're obviously going to remove all the bulbs, and disconnect everything from them. There are three bolts holding it down, which are in obvious locations. There is also a stud on the back the is inserted into a hole to help the headlight from bouncing since there are not mounting locations at the bottom of the light.

Here is a rough diagram I made up quick to show you where the bolts will be, minus the bolts for the headlights. When I install my lights again I will take more detailed photos.

Green lines are the bolts you will need to remove, the blue lines are the plastic tabs you will need to remove.
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