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Love my Bimmer...the R/T turned more heads, though.
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Silverdale, WA
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9 Jun 2010
I'm getting stationed overseas and need to lighten my load before the move. I'm near Seattle, WA on the Kitsap Peninsula. I do NOT wish to ship these, I'm limited on time, but if you are local (w/in 100-200 miles) I can bring them to you.

1 Set of Band New Megan Racing Headers-$200

I am moving soon and HAVE TO SELL!

These were purchased from Megan Racing 1 1/2 years ago for my 2001 Dodge Stratus Coupe R/T. I never installed them because I ended up trading the car in for a new one, they have sat in wrapping on the shelf since then.
I am willing to bring them to YOU for inspection and/or delivery if you are seriously interested and relatively close (i.e. <100 miles from Silverdale). You're on the Eastern side of Seattle? I'm not worried about the drive, I've got very little time before I move and need to sell these.

MSRP is $325.00 not including shipping, you can verify this on Megan Racing's website: http://www.meganracing.com/products/produc...60&catid=67

* '00-'05 Mitsubishi Eclipse V-6 (6G72, 3.0 Liter)
* '01-'05 Dodge Stratus Coupe V-6 (6G72, 3.0 Liter)

These wheels came on my 330i when I picked it up off a pot lot in Florida 1 year ago. The wheels were brand new and the stickers came off the tires on the drive home.

-20" Mezzano wheels
-No Curb Rash, straight
-5x120mm and another fitment ( I can take measurements)
-3 good tires/tread, the 4th has a hole (not repairable)



p.s. I miss this forum... (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif)
16 Feb 2009
First off, I never thought the day would come when I would finally trade in my R/T...I'm still kinda in shock and going through seperation anxiety. As a couple of you know it's almost time for my wife and I to transfer from SE Georgia to Washington state for a bit, and then on to Guam for 3 years...I had to start considering if the R/T was going to be worth the money invested to prep it for the 3k mile trip and have no uncertainty in the reliability. Not to mention returning it to emissions passing standards...I needed something I could pay off extremely quickly and that would still demand a reasonable resale vs. $ invested in a year and 1/2. Jenn and I decided that it would be best to get something that already had everything working on it and something I already had an understanding of in case repairs were necessary...that and something I could have fun in without wanting to "tinker" with for more power/handling.
Well here goes, All the pic's I have on the computer of the 'Ol Strat...and the first pics of the "new" car...
My Son helping Daddy w/the project car...Headlight mod

10 Aug 2008
As some of you know, my Black '01 R/T needs some repairs and I've been looking at options from buying a new motor to trading it in and getting something else. I love the car, but I'm getting tired of having problems. A buddy of mine has an '01 R/T Automatic with tranny problems. He's getting sick of paying insurance on it and just wants to get rid of it. After some level of persistance on my end, He's agreed to let the whole car go for $500.00. I've got plenty of time to think about it because the car isn't going anywhere. Here is the mechanical condition of both vehicles:

My Black '01:

Some Rust underneath
Driver side rear quarter dent due to hit and run.
Manual Tranny(good thing)
Black Paint cancer starting
Needs Engine and Mounts
Needs New Bushings in Front Suspension
99,000 miles
Heater Core Broken
Dash Cracked
Various Mods already complete: Lowered, System, Etc.

The Silver '01

Body surprisingly straight
Automatic (Sry, but not my taste)
Tranny works for a little bit and then starts slipping and car stops moving.
75,000 miles
No Rust
Engine in great working order
All Accessories work, except Monochroma-who-cares Rearview mirror(Mine Works)
No cracked dash, Good seats, etc.

All right tell me what you think.
24 May 2008
So...I tried to take my family out for a movie to enjoy this memorial day weekend, seeing as it's in memory of my brethren before me, and that I'm blessed with actually being in port for once...I owed this much to enjoy the time that I have. During the last 20 minutes of Narnia, some punk kids throw a full Soda cup onto me, my wife and my 3 year old boy and the chicken shits ran off immediatly and got away...figures. So after getting apologies from the staff and some movie passes we try to leave. When we get to the car, Her NEW 08 Lancer, I did my usual walk around the car before I get in to look for anything unusual...and I find a 2 foot scratch across the hood of the car where someone keyed it. I don't know if it was 'cause of it being a new car or because of the DoD sticker on the windshield, either way the night got worse. After waiting 30 minutes for the Police to show up for a report (cause God knows they're unable to do anything about it; I know, I know...not their fault) I get to come home and our son needs a bath to get the dried sprite or whatever the hell is was off of him.


If it was because of the damn sticker and I'm in the military....I've already been f*(king spit at, cursed at driving with my family, had trash thown at my car and everything else just because I'm in the military. WHY DON"T YOU PEOPLE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't like what I do or what my government tells me to do, GET THE F*(K OVER IT and DON"T TAKE IT OUT ON MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it to me if you hate what I do, not them. I'm doing what everyone else in this world is trying to do. Provide the best possible life for my family.

I could keep on venting....

Either way, when called upon I'll go back to sea and leave my family for more months at a time for these same people that take the proverbial SHIT on me every day. Whatever, I'm done talking about it.

Sleep Well you chicken F*(KS!!!!!! There will aways be someone like me to stand up for you while you stab me in the back the whole time. And thats just something you'll have to get over.

STS2 (SS) Don't worry about my last name....

some pics


not trying to offend anyone just trying to vent some sorry..
25 Oct 2007
Check this out...
Quoted from 3SI.org:

"Originally Posted by mess
This seems pretty bad ass. 3.8L non stroker without a 7k$ crank and you get 26% more displacement than a 3.0. So to do this you'd need 6G75 crank, a set of custom rods and you have a 3.8 for under 2k (not counting sourcing the block it's self). Am I missing something or is it really that easy?

JDM 6g74 $1500
6g75 crank $1000
Custom Pistons w/rings $1000 (2mm less deck to wrist pin, 95mm 8:1 compression needed for TT)
Gaskets, seals, bearings, boring/clearanceing, and assembly figure $1000 ~ 1500

That's a $5k 3.8l short block"

Here's the link


I'm going to be dropping in a 6G74 over the next couple of months (plus or minus a month) and I'm trying to look for the best possible N/A application I can find. First off, I know the 300GT motors don't work in our cars easily, but seeing as this is talk of a mod to the 6G74... (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/unsure.gif)

Tell me what you think...I've got a month before I get my reenlistment bonus so we got some time to consider.

edit: I'm still reading the rest but I couldn't hold the exitement. And yes I know the 3000GT has the same short block...
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