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Year: 2004
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14 Aug 2008
This is a set of Ground Control Coil overs for the stratus, years 2000- 2005, Also it will fit the eclipse 2000-2005 models. The coil overs, are almost brand new. Almost no ware! Were put on car, for about 2 weeks. So not much damage at all.
Have pictures if requested!

Ground Control Coilovers

Ground Control Coilover

Improve the suspension of your racecar or street car with Ground Control suspension products. Ground Control offers racing and street car suspension products designed to improve the handling of your car. Ground Control offer's adjustable coilover kits for ride height modifcation, custom springs, adjustable camber/caster plates, adjustable sway bars and much more. Whether you're racing or you just want better handling, Ground Control has what you'll need to set up the suspension on your car for optimum performance. Ground Control, THE suspension experts.

Ground Control's best selling kit. Ground Control works very hard with Eibach USA to make these springs to the standards that you demand. Lifetime guarantee on everything, not just springs. If anything fails, while being correctly installed, it will be taken care of, period. Ground Control can only have a guarantee like this because every single part of the Ground Control Street coil-over kit is made by them or someone they trust. None of these parts are made in Taiwan. Everything is made in the USA.(http://www.nolimitmotorsport.com/groundcontrol/)

Will deliver to house or anyplace within 40 miles of aurora!

Asking $300 Or Best Offer, Am willing to lower little for, local delivery!
Brand New: $399

Please Email if interested to Bigt_7117@yahoo.com
1 Apr 2007
This is a step by step procedure that shows you how to install Vipermans fog light kit conversion. Kinda of complicated but pictures are in good deatil. When you purchase the kit it come with written instruction which are simple but still confusing. I thought i would help out future installers.


I took off the bottom plastics under the steering collum that are held in with 4 phillips screws. Then I took of the gauge cluster plastic that is help by 2 phillips on the top.


Step 2
You want to identify the blue 12-14 guage wire from the dash fuse box. It is one of the thickest wires and it stands alone on the bottom of the fuse panel. Make sure when you cut this wire you leave enought room on both ends b/c you will have to strip both ends of the wire.


Step 3
Now you should have the gauge cluster spread a little to get to the fog light switch. Free as much of the light blue wire from the fog switch as you can, then cut the wire in half. YOu will need the wire leading to the switch, the remaining wire leading to the dash can be taped off you will not use that end. Use the RED butt connecter that comes with the kit to join the brown wire of the ECU with the light blue wire from the fog light switch.


Step 4
This is the CRITICAL part of cutting the median 12-14 gauge wire from the fuse panel in previous pic. again you will need to leave enough room to be able to strip both end of the blue wire. After stripping the blue wire connect the red wire from the ECU to the blue wire. This is you power wire so you need to splice into the connection. So twist the red wire and the blue wire together then use the blue connecter to attach them together. After together attach the other end of the blue wire to it. So it still a complete wire but now you have a third wire comming off.


Step 5
There is a 12mm copper-colored bolt in the metal frame just below the A-pillar. REmove this bolt there is no structual importance to this this is where you connect the loop from the ECU to this bolt. This is your ground. Put the bolt back and tighten but don't be superman on the thighting.


Step 6
This is where you can attach the ECU to the underside of the dash right underneath the switch. No pic for this EASY step.

Step 7
In the directions it tell you to remove the tire and wheel well this step is not really nessasary i found a hole in my fire wall that was perfect for the white wire. This is the last wire to attach. The hole was right next to the shock holder right by the fire wall. I used a Metal coat hanger to feed through the hole and pull out the wire. Be carefull not to scrap the wire on the sided of the whole. Kinda sharp.


Step 8
After you feed the wire through the whole this is where the hard part come in. This is a very carefull critical part. Take off the fuse box cover and find the fog light realay. SEE pic. After you find the fog light realy which is on the top you want to unscrew the whole fuse box that is held of you 12 mm bolts. After you remove the fuse box, you can take off the bottom of the fuse box to expose the wires that lead to the box. You wanna use a small flat head screw driver to unclip the the bottom half. I had a hard time doing this but you will not break anything important if you yank a little. When you expose the bottom you will try to find the fog light relay again. In the intrustions it said that it was two white, one is red , and the other GREY. In my car it was 2 red, 1 white and the GREY. see pic. When you find that relay you want to try and expose the GREY one as much as possible. Kinda hard b/c of all the wire that lead to one bundle. Try and cut the grey wire about 5-6" from the realy b/c this is the one that you will strip. The one leading into the bundle i left alone b/c it would have been to hard to tape it off. Bring the white wire through one of the holes on the bottom case and attach it to the grey wire. Do not bring the white wire in from the side of the ralay box as it will crimp the wire when reassembled. After done reassemble everything and you should be COMPLETE. CONGRATS.


I did this as a favor to all b/c it was hard for me to follow writen intructions. They were written very well. This is just to help the next people that try to do this. Hopefully this will help
Sincerly, Tom(BIGT_7117)
28 Feb 2007
I want to change the wiring or something to my car that will allow me to put on my fog lights without having my head lights on. I saw somebody else tried to do this too, but i can't find it again. So if anyone can send me to a link that shows me what to do that would be awesome. (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/dry.gif)
14 Feb 2007
(IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif) I have a 04 Stratus R/T coupe. I have many upgrades on it but my next is rotors. I have been looking on the net for them and i found some but not really happy with them.
I looked at R1 concepts and they look good but my friend told me that slotted rotors tend to crack. So not sure what i want. If anyone has a suggestion for rotors please post a shortcut to them. (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif) Thank you
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