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Year: 1998
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Trim: WS6
Body Style: Convertible
Engine: LS1
Trans: M6
From: Wisconsin
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1 Jun 2012
It's a 98 WS6 M6 Convertible. Originally white and repainted silver by one of the previous owners. Has only 56k miles on it (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) So according to the firebird production breakdown, being white, it is 1 of 18. Purchased the car in VA and drove it back to WI.

The silver has a red flake in it but I'm not sure if I like it or not yet but it is growing on me. I did not like the red stripes so I ended up painting the stripes flat black along with doing the CETA mod (the black part I painted below around the license plate, it stands for Collectors Edition Trans Am). Did it all in Plastidip in case I didn't like it. I plan on eventually repainting it, most likely white to go back to the factory color, but we will see. The paint isn't perfect so we'll see how long I keep it like that haha.

It had a couple problems but that is to be expected. The convertible top motor had a broken brass fitting so that was an easy fix. Then the transmission grinds a little bit when going into 3rd so I'll most likely have to have the trans rebuilt and replace the 3rd gear syncro.

The only mods it has already are a fairly decent sized cam and all the supporting mods, racetronix fuel pump, true duals with no crossover, and bolt in SFC that were welded in. I am unsure on the size of the cam so that is sort of depressing. But it does have a nice lope to it even with stock manifolds and the true duals it has.

So on to the pics.

When I first got it in VA

It doesn't have a radio yet so I put my gps in there and it was a perfect fit

I guess one of the previous owner changed the dash lights and stuff to red because they are red.

Now to the funny part of getting the car. So far everything had gone smoothly until we got to Chicago and needed gas. As soon as we pull off the clutch gives out after hearing a loud snap. If it was a mechanical clutch I would have thought we snapped the clutch cable but since it is hydraulic I had no idea. So we no-clutched it to a gas station which ended up being in the hood. End up filling up with gas and paying $5/gal :mad: So then we continued without a clutch through downtown, down Michigan Ave and then 100mi home lol. Once we got it back to the shop I come to find out that it is just the connecting rod that connects the pedal to the slave cylinder rod that came apart because whoever fabbed it up was dumb. Here's the old one.


Here's the new one I made.
Won't ever slip off and there is no play in it. Then I secured it with a pin so it wont come off unless I mean for it to.

Before I started painting
all taped off
Back stripes were still wet when I took the picture. Looks like the back edge is sloppy too but that is just the picture.

I plan on getting all the maintenance and such all up to date before I start any of the major modifications. Some will just come with the mods.

Future plans:
BMR Suspension package (konis and bmr 1.5" springs) -- ordered
tune for cam (previous owner didn't get it tuned so it not running the greatest) -- scheduled for this Sat
LT's -- soon to order
Rest of exhaust (not sure if I want true duals again or go with a y and catback)
C6 zo6 wheels and tires in black -- soon to order from oewheels
radio (lol) -- soon
white led interior lighting
retro-fitted headlights
15 Apr 2012
Figured I would share this story so people could get a laugh out of it.

Well I've been looking for awhile to find a 98-99 trans am to get. I can't get a 00-02 because of insurance reasons and I haven't found many here in WI. It really doesn't bother me making a trip somewhere to go get a car but it seems as though every time I tell the seller that I am seriously interested and willing to fly there or make a long drive there they stop contact with me. Has been getting kind of annoying. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/mad.gif)

Well I found a 99 in Las Vegas and was in contact with the guy with no problems. I purchased two one-way plane tickets for my uncle and I to fly down there to drive the car back since the seller and I had already agreed on a price and I told him my intention of flying down and driving back and when I purchased the plane tickets. So Tuesday we fly out and get to Vegas around 3:30pm. We rent a 2012 Mustang convertible, cost $225 for one freaking day, there's almost 45% taxes down there. I text him to tell him we were there for him to give me his address. I get no response for a while so I call him with no answer. So after a couple hours we just go look for somewhere for wifi and a whitepages so that I can try and look up his address since I have his name. No listing on whitepages.com and not one phonebook down there had a whitepages section for people. Great. So we decided to go drive around and see if we can find his house since one of the pictures he sent me had a house number on it. After driving around for awhile we saw a cop that had someone pulled over and we got the idea to ask him lol. So as he has this car pulled over we pull behind him a ways and wait then wave him over when he's done. Explain to him our situation but had to BS a little bit but he was a great guy and ended up getting this guys address for us and finding humor in the whole situation. We go find the address and it looks nothing like what was in the pictures so I go up and knock on the door to find out it was his sisters house and that he moved out. Well they tried getting in contact with him to get his address and had no luck either. The sisters husband then helped us by drawing a map. That experience in itself could be another story (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) We'll just leave it at he didn't even know his compass directions. So we follow this "map" to get to the guys house. When we eventually find it after having to call the guy who made the map multiple times since he drew rights when he meant lefts and all sort of other stuff the guy isn't home and they sister and brother-in-law still aren't able to contact him we give up for the night and go find somewhere to eat. As we are waiting for our food I get a text from the guy that I've been trying to get a hold of to buy his car. He tells me he wrecked the car and that he's been camping for the past few days that's why he hasn't responded. The fuck are you kidding me? :mad:

So my uncle and I are in Vegas with a rental car and no plane tickets back. We said we would just figure out what we were going to do in the morning. This would have went a lot different if it was a couple months later when I'm 21 but since no one goes to Vegas to play fucking bingo we didn't go to the casinos :rofl: We decided to go cruise the strip and just generally cause trouble. The strip was really cool and then we decided to go to Hoover Dam at 11pm lol. When we go back we didn't want to pay for a hotel for only a couple hours so we went to a casino parking lot and slept in the car. A casino cop came up to the car at 3am and told us we couldn't sleep there so I drove literally right across the street and parked again and went back to bed.

When we got up at 5am we went looking for somewhere with wifi so we could figure out what we were going to do. We look for plane tickets back and they are like $700 a person since we flew out of a small airport to get really cheap tickets down since we were planning to drive back. So we decide that we are going to drive back from Vegas to Wisconsin. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) I also look on craigslist to see if I can find any other cars in the area for our route back. I find a couple in OK and since we would have to go through there anyways we decide we will stop and look at them. So we take the car back to the airport and try and find something that we can take back to WI. We wanted to try for a Camaro or a Vette since that Mustang had no balls. It was the v6 but it drove like a 4cyl. It would not spin the tires no matter what we did. Was really pitiful actually. Instead of going into detail about renting another car we ended up getting a 2012 Camaro SS for the drive back and we got it for $330, for 3 days with unlimited miles! The lady asked about a military discount and my uncle never uses his so he had been forgetting so that's how we got that huge discount. The rental company was AVIS so if anyone is in or has been in the military they will really treat you well with a discount. That car was way more fun and had way more power than the stang. I wish I could've just kept the car.

I get more information from the guy with the trans am in OK. This one is a red 98 and the guy says he honestly doesn't know the specs of the couple modifications that were done. He said it was cammed, heads swapped, and it had headers and cutouts. He sent me a couple pictures and it looked really clean and nice looking in the pictures. We figure what the hell why not so then we start to head to OK. We went over Hoover Dam again and got to see it during the day. Then as we were going through AZ we experienced some interesting weather. Within the span of an hour we drove through a snowstorm, yes a snowstorm, and a dust storm. So after that we stopped at the meteor crater that's out there. After about 20hrs of driving we get there and find his house. Park on the street and see the car in the driveway and it looks really good just like he said from the 20-30ft away we were. First thing I did notice was that they were not Z06 replica wheels like he said they were, not a big deal though. Give him a call and no answer so we decide to just go up and look at it until he gets back to me. There were a bunch of other cars, some junked, some projects and some just normal. As we start walking up my uncle turns to me and says "Ha all we need now is for 3 pitbulls to come out from somewhere." We start looking at the car and it just goes downhill from there. The passenger side door and front and rear fenders had been replaced because the gaps were all terrible, the paint didn't match, and it looked like the paint was applied with a paintbrush. The gap between the passenger door and front fender were so bad that when you opened and closed the door the metal would rub together and there was no paint there anymore. The interior was pretty bad too. So then all of a sudden we hear a dog bark and we were like, great. 3 dogs come around from the backside of the house. 2 pitbulls and a rottweiler, awesome lol. There was a fence though so it wasn't that bad. The guy finally comes out and we start talking to him about all the things we found wrong. We asked him to open everything up so we could look and neither of the doors would close properly. The engine bay was dirty but that wasn't a big deal until we asked him to start it. I had asked him to leave it cold so we could hear it cold start and once it started you could hear the whine of the PS pump and the engine shook horribly. Figured at the very least the motor mounts were done or something. I look under the car just to check out the underbody and the exhaust and such and it was pretty bad too. There were a bunch of random wires hanging down too. The guy wanted $7500 for it if I remember correctly and the KBB for the car was like $7000 in good condition so I didn't even want to make an offer because compared to his 7500 my offer would've been a lowball. Plus I didn't want to buy a pile. Good thing we had to go through OK anyways or I would've been really pissed that we drove there to look at something that was in no way like what he said in the listing except for the color pretty much.

Then we decided we would go find somewhere with wifi again to get some food and find another car. We couldn't find anything so we just thought we would try McDonalds for the hell of it and it turned out they had wifi. Found another car about 2hrs away in Oklahoma City. This listing was for a 99 WS6 and said 114k miles one owner adult owned and driven. Said the exterior was 9/10 and the interior was 8/10. The add said he looked at 5 other trans ams before he bought this one and that this is one of the cleanest ones you will find. Everyone says that anyways but it made it seem a little better than last time lol. Texted him to see if we could come look at it and he said sure so I told him we'd be there in about 2 hours. As we were about to leave I overheard the people next to us talking. I think we witnessed a first date that took place at McDonalds (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) So we head out again. We didn't really encounter anything interesting on the drive there so not much on that end. We get the address from the guy and get there. We pull up to this school and pull around the back and we are waved in by a guy no more that 17 or 18 and the car is parked in the door of a school body shop type thing. As we drive past the car I see a big scratch/hit mark on the bottom right corner of the rear bumper and then see that the back part of the passenger rocker panel is smashed off. Ok, great start. They must've just finished washing the car before we got there because it was still decently wet, again not a big deal, shows that he wanted it to look good. We get out and start looking at it and I notice the paint on the good. Looks like it was spray painted after someone did horrible bodywork on the hood. So I asked him when the car was repainted and he said it wasn't but the previous owner had the hood and front bumper replaced. So I start looking at the front bumper and again that isn't painted well at all. The color wasn't even a gloss black it was more satin and it was rougher than orange peel. Didn't even look like it was sanded. Then we looked in the interior and everything. This one was better than the last one but it still had some imperfections but that was expected. It was no 8/10 though and it wasn't even cleaned. As we looked over the car some more we saw that he pretty much just cleaned the outside of the car and didn't really pay attention to the details. Interior wasn't clean like I said before, hatch was dirty inside, the wheels weren't even clean it just looked like he wiped the outside down. But I let that all go since we have a full shop at our disposal and restore cars for a hobby so it wouldn't be that bad to fix the hood and bumpers and all those things. The engine ran well and we didn't hear anything going wrong inside it with the mechanics stethoscope. Then he told us about the title situation... He apparently traded one of his other cars with a guy in TX and his bank here has the title for his old car and the TX bank has the title to the trans am and the lien needs to be paid off before we can get the title. So while we think about that we ask for a ride and with us in the car he just rips around in it. If you are selling a car I wouldn't expect you to race around in the car when you say that it has been adult owned and driven. So we ask to go to autozone to get the codes scanned just to be sure. I had my scanner but there was one right down the road so I figured I would just let them do it. Codes were exactly what he said they were going to be except for a code for the skipshift eliminator. Then he began to tell me how he was pretty sure this was one of the first ws6's made in 98 and that it was because someone else he knew had a 98 with an older manufacturers date. He may have been right but whatever. We went back and talked a bit and decided on a price, if we were able to get this whole title situation figured out. When we get to the bank we looked it over a bit more in a different light and saw that the passenger door had been repainted and at the very least removed too because it had orange peel all in the paint and it hit the latch as it was shutting. But that could be just a sagging door thing too so it wasn't too bad. Found out it was going to take quite a bit of time at the bank and we decided to pass on the car because of all the things wrong and such that were not mentioned in the listing. Also we got the feeling that he didn't really appreciate the car and or take care of it by the way he talked about it, how he drove it while we were there, and his attention to detail for cleaning it. Just had a bad gut feeling about it so we passed. So once again we drove out to meet someone who didn't tell the truth on their listing.

Once again we head out. We stopped at this truckstop/restaurant because we needed to shower and were really hungry. So we walk in and find the showers and my uncle tries a door and it was open and says go get my stuff. Takes a shower in there and one of the people go to open the door and gets freaked out because he is in there. Apologizes and walks out, I'm watching this all from the bar at the restaurant lol. He goes up to the cashier and says "Damn I hate when I do that. You think there's no one in there because you have the key and there ends up being someone in there". My uncle comes out and we just laugh about it as we sit down to eat. We decide that we are just going to drive back now and if we see anything on the way we will stop. Drive straight up into Kansas and then get into Iowa and stop at a buddies house to take a break and share some of the story (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) So I call the rental company to see if we can get an extension on our drop off time because they don't open until 730am and they apparently don't have a drop box for the keys. I tried to see if we could get an extension so we could drive home and sleep then bring the car back later so we didn't have to sleep in the car again. Well long story short, it didn't work. I go a couple good laughs out of them when they looked at our information on the rental and saw that we were driving from Vegas to IL. The guy says, "Wait you guys are driving from Vegas to Rockford?" Yep (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

There really wasn't much more interesting things left on the trip. So we came back empty handed car wise unfortunately.

With that being said, I am still looking for a car and as you have seen, I am more than willing to make a trip (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) I don't understand why people have to lie in their listings.
7 Dec 2011
Well I have to sell my car (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif) I have it listed elswehere but I figured I would list it on the boards if someone was interested and will appreciate it more.

It's a 2003 Dodge Stratus SXT 2dr Coupe I'm looking to get $6500 obo I just based the price on what I have seen on Craigslist (IMG:style_emoticons/default/unsure.gif)

4G64 2.4L 4cyl Automatic FWD
Deep Red Pearl with Grey cloth interior

Car has 110,xxx miles right now. I rarely drive it in the winter because I do not take the car with me to college.

Recent Maintenance and other part replacement:
-Oil changed every 3-4k miles with Mobile 1 Full Synthetic (Will be changed again before it goes if I can get a chance to)
-New battery as of 11/17
-New spark plugs 12/4
-Timing belt and water pump replaced at 103k
-Motor Mounts replaced at 103k
-Transmission fluid flush at 103k
-New struts and springs at 98k
-New rear sway bar at 100k
-Paint professionally detailed (8hr full sanding and buffing) done 6months ago (by Hazardous, I have pictures if you would like them)
-New passenger side rocker panel molding, was scratched when I purchased the vehicle
-New front bumper with center insert painted matte black

Additional Parts list:
-Custom Retrofit Quad projector headlights, all parts from theretrofitsource.com (courtesy of JermtheElf)
*FX-R 2.0 Bi-xenon Projectors
*Blazer Projectors
*50W 5000k (Pure White) Hid lights in FX-R projectors
*35W 5000k (Pure White) Hid lights in Blazer projectors
*Red demon eyes

These headlights are amazing. Jer did a great job on them. Just the blazers alone light up more road than almost all low beams I have seen.

-Short ram intake with Spectre filter
-Muffler Delete
-35% high performance metalized tint, will not fade to purple like the dyed kind, all the way around (got it checked and it's actually 38%)
-Painted red calipers and black drums
-Red led interior lights
-KYB Gr-2 struts
-Eibach Sportlines Springs (~2" drop)
-OBX Header
-trunk debadge
-12" 2-piece slotted front rotor kit
-Tinted tails, reverse lights and third brake light
-GT front strut tower bar
-Spectre 4" MAF adapter
-ST rear sway bar
-Moog Endlinks
-V6 throttle body
-Polyurethane Engine mounts (all but rear)
-3" Carbon fiber antenna
-White led license plate light
-Prosport Amber/White 52mm Oil Pressure and Volt Gauges
-R/T foglights (not hooked up yet, I can provide the wiring required or I can remove them altogether and put the vents back in place)
-Mitsubishi Evo 8 wheels with Dunlap Sport M3 snow tires 235/45 R17 (Tires have less than 500miles on them)
-Rota Grids in Hyperblack with General Exclaim UHP tires 235/40R18 (Tires have less than 1500miles on them)
Add $500 to have the Grids instead of the Evo wheels or $1000 to have both. (Payed $1550 for the Grids and Tires a couple months ago from WheelDude)

I think that's about it for modifications. I'm probably forgetting some.

Gas Mileage:
-I get 33-35mpg in the summer time and 29-31mpg in the winter time.

The Bad:
-Car has normal scratches and rock chips for being 8 years old, most scratches were removed when car was detailed
-Previous owner was a smoker so there are a couple burn marks in the seats (~3) I was able to get the smoke smell out though.
-Common dash warp by the defroster vent
-Scratch below the driver's side taillight



These two pictures show the actual color of the lights. It is pure white and not blue. The pictures that show the lights as blue are when I just turned them on, once they warm up they are white.

Here is the link to the album entirely dedicated to my car. Just a heads up there are 631 pictures and I have it linked to view all. Pictures by gearhead_18 - Photobucket

If there are any pictures you would like that I do not have up let me know because I probably have them or and I can either take them for you.

13 Nov 2011

Rear prothane motor mount for 4cy
$25 + shipping ea V6 sold

Nice Chrome Plated Aluminum Oil Cap (it's actually pretty heavy)

4cyl intake manifold

4cyl TB
$30 + shipping

4cyl SS valve cover bolts
$10 shipped

2tone special edition leather seats. Black and Grey (Daes) I don't have pictures that follow the rules yet since they are at the shop.
$100 + shipping
10 Nov 2011

This guy is completely serious. All I can say is wow. If you read through a bit you can see it has made it onto MANY forums, including gun forums (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

Just thought I would bring some laughter
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