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17 Oct 2009
Well, I'm pretty sure my video card decided to finally call it a day... So, after 6 years of good service, I think it's time to look to build a new system. I could spend around $100 for a new video card (old one was ATI 9800 AIW) but since my MB is limited to 4x AGP, I think it's best to just put that towards a new build.

I guess my goal is to build something with upgradability. I know I don't have the cash to dump on another top of the line system short term, but I figure I could buy stuff with an upgrade in mind in a year or two. I have some companies I would like to stick with, such as Intel procs, ASUS MB's, and ATI Graphics. I also like Corsair RAM and Western Digital HD's.

I guess I can be pretty lean. Right now most of my PC use is just internet browsing. I'm looking forward to playing Starcraft 2 (coming sometine next decade), the KOTOR MMO, ect. So short term, I'd like to have enough kick to play games.

Any suggestions? Ideas? I'm sort of using this as somewhere I can document ideas/advice as I go. It's been awhile since I built a system, but I am only half-idot. I should be able to figure it out.
29 Jun 2009
Guys, my Jeep has been given me some problems, and I'm curious if anybody has any idea what this could be. I'm getting a low voltage reading (sometimes) and a CEL that pulls a code 41 ( Generator Field Not Switching Properly ) when the voltage reads low. Now, I'd normally suspect an alternator with a low voltage, but from my readings, this code could mean a few things. I've replaced the battery (the old one was 5 yrs old and would drain super quick) but with no success.

Any body know any way to test further into this? Sometimes the whole car acts like nothing is wrong, and sometimes she just dosen't charge.
21 Apr 2009
So, my Father asked me a good question while discussing buying a new vehicle...

"What car do you want?"

I honestly up to this point looked at nothing but prices. I think he has a point however. I understand that if I'm going to put 3-4yrs of payments down, I best enjoy what I'm driving. And to be honest I can think of some prefrences, and I pretty much have a price range in mind, but I do not have any one car that really comes to mind. I'm hoping I can get some suggestions.

I'd like to get back into something with a manual transmission. Although if the vehicle is right, I'd take an automatic. I'm ruling out RWD (snow-belt no brainer) and I don't have a strong prefrence between FWD or AWD/4WD. If the roads are that bad where I need 4WD I usually call off (and my Mother always refuses to drive in snow, despite owning a Liberty). I don't have a perticular brand prefrence, but I guess I'd rather a domestic car if the choice came up. I don't care about engine size or type... but I do need some ooomph for that monsterous mountain I drive up every day. The place is called Mountain Top after all.

The only other restrictions I am under is a budget of less than $10k and I don't want anything older than an 2003. I figure if I'm spending this much cash and time paying for it, I'd rather not get stuck in another decade-old car.

Feel free to suggest away, even if it's something I might have ruled out otherwise.
12 Mar 2009

Somebody brought this up on the Intruder Alert forums. Looks like what I've been thinking about. I really want a Tach on the bike, and it would be nice having the Speedometer somewhere else than looking straight down. LOL!
31 Jan 2009
I'm pumped. As a Steelers fan I would love to see them do what the Cowgirls can't do with their big budget, big name, and big letdown team. Win a 6th title.

I think the Steelers are going to run the ball on Arizona and control the clock. And lets just say you don't run on Pittsburgh, at least not for more than 100 yds. I really think the D is going to do what they've done all season; Win games for them.
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