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15 Jul 2010
I know more about nuclear physics than I do about transmissions so bear with me..

I've had my car looked at by four different mechanics/shops now regarding my trans slipping into third and fourth, granted no one has actually gone inside to see what the hell is up but they've given me a few good guesses as to what's happening. Bottom line, I'm told it's hopeless and I need a rebuild or a new trans. At 3 grand for a rebuild I'd just as soon buy a new car so if I do anything it'll be dropping a used trans in. The cheapest price I've found so far locally for a used trans installed and out the door is $950...it seems like a good price to me but since I've never had to deal with this before I wouldn't know. Is that a decent price?? The labor is about $450. How worried should I be about ending up with another crap trans?

In the meantime, I have a junky transmission that I'm trying to baby so it doesn't **** out on me before I make a decision. I've been easing up on the gas during shifts so she doesn't shove herself or rev so high to get into gear, but an issue the car's had for a while seems to be getting worse now. When stopped and in drive, the car always shook a little, obviously the transmission, but lately it's gotten worse, almost like the trans wants to jump out of the engine bay sometimes, ha. I've been throwing it into neutral when I'm stopped at long red lights because my steering wheel will look like it's having a seizure and I worry about all the vibration eventually damaging something in there.. On the other hand, is it worse for my gimpy transmission to be shifted from drive to neutral and back like that? I guess my question is whether it'd be better to leave it in drive when I'm stopped and just deal with the vibrations so as to minimize the shifting, or if it will help it out to be thrown in neutral when it's shaking like that. Thanks for helping a clueless one out..
7 Jul 2010
FYI, I'm clueless when it comes to under the hood so forgive my ignorance... Car's an automatic 02 R/T with 87k. Recently the tranny started slipping, "shoving" itself into the higher gears. Mechanic checked it and found no fault codes but the fluid smelled slightly burnt. Said something about the solenoids being worn and with the fluid being thinner in the hot weather it wasn't building up enough pressure? He felt the only option was replacing the transmission. I was supposed to take it in to a transmission shop tomorrow morning BUT we had torrential downpours and flooding here today. Leaving work (which is on a dead end road) I immediately found myself in a couple feet of water. Idiotic, I know, but I decided I had to push through it as I couldn't reverse and didn't want to stall out. Brake and battery lights came on a short time later as well as a faint rattling under the hood. The A/C indicator light began flashing at that time as well and A/C ceased to operate. At this point I pulled over under a gas station awning to let it dry out but kept the engine running for several minutes as the battery light had me concerned. I did turn it off for several minutes but when I turned it back on the rattle was worse and car was revving very low with little power, acting like it wanted to stall.

Not knowing any better I tried to limp it home but at one point had to pull a Y turn where a road was closed for flooding. In reverse it had a high squealing noise and going forward again, the same clunking. I got her home and throughout all of this my temperature gauge remained stable and I had power steering. At home I noticed one of my fog lights had been literally torn out from the wire (it was already loose due to damage to the front bumper) and the bumper itself SEEMS to have dropped a 1/2 inch. It had already dropped on the left side due to the damage but there is now an equal gap between the hood and bumper on both the right and left sides, meaning the right side also dropped now.

Anyway, had a friend over to check under the hood and, of course, my serpentine belt is gone. Threw the battery on the charger for tonight but I'm concerned to even drive it the few miles to the shop tomorrow due to it overheating. However, it didn't overheat on the way home and the power steering stuck around...opinions? Did I really eff things up by limping it home?
12 May 2010
Okay guys, I'm new...and it looks like I'm in the same boat with all the other bumper-seekers. These things are almost impossible to find, at least at the price I think I should have to pay for them. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) I need JUST the front bumper cover (ie, no reinforcements) for an '01 or '02 coupe. I couldn't give a crap what color it is. I'm not dropping $350 to get one through the dealer. I've about given up on finding one through a junkyard or private seller, so I guess I'm looking for more sites that offer them... Cheapest I've found for an aftermarket is $262 shipped...about $315 shipped for OEM. Maybe this will be help to those looking for bumper covers, I've been able to find them on Bumper Wholesale and Parts Ultimate. Those seem cheapest at least...any other suggestions? I'm a chick and I don't care if it's OEM or not, I'm sick of looking at the crack and the inch gap between my hood and bumper. Help!

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