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7 Jul 2003
I bought my car back in November, and I've had it back at the dealer about 10 times already. I went in with a list of things that was wrong with it...Given they were mostly minor, I'm still picky and if I'm spending over $25K (after all the fees and stuff) on a new car, I want my moneys worth.

I've had to go in multiple times for the same problem. They are getting an attitude with me. The service manager was a real ass to me. He goes "You're back again? Yeah, they can just get you all set." Then, when I needed a ride home, I told him where I was going, and he goes "Oh...That's going to be a problem." He did NOTHING to make sure I was satisfied.

I dropped my car off last Sunday night. I had a coolant leak. It leaked from the hose in the top middle coming off the radiator. My coolant tank was empty. They "fixed the leak and filled my coolant. All is good." While they did that, they installed my bra for me (I re-ordered one cuz they screwed that up the first time). They took my front license plate bracket off my car, so I have 3 HUGE holes in my bumper when I take the bra off... It was wet, and I was going to leave my car sit for a week, so I took my bra off. My coolant tank is STILL empty, and they didn't put the cap back on the coolant tank. WTF is up with that?

My window side molding is discolored. They said that it happened when they tinted the inside with film. Uh...No. It was like that from day one...But I tinted my windows the week I bought it. They won't fix that.

My sunroof shutters, and they "fixed" it, but it still shutters when it opens.

Also, the thing that got me with the dealership was my air smelt moldy. I took it in, they said they cleaned it and it would smell for a bit from the cleaner. I took it back the next day because the cleaner was SO bad it burnt my eyes and left a nasty taste in my mouth. They really gave me attitude when I went back in to complain. That's when the manager gave me attitude too.

I submitted a complaint to Daimler Chrysler, and they said "You have to work with the dealership. Here is some warranty information blah blah...I don't care."

Some lady from Don Miller Dodge called me, and said she'd help me, but she hasn't called me back and nothing has been done.

What do I need to do to make Don Miller fix my car the right way the first time? I'm sick of their shit, and I hate my car now because I never get to drive it...It's always at the dealership, or something is wrong with it... (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/mad.gif) GRRRRRRRR.
13 Mar 2003
Tomorrow...I'm FINALLY going to get time to wax my car for it's first time...I'm so pissed I haven't had time to do it before...

I use Zaino wax...It was AWESOME on my Grand Prix.

Since I'm going to be waxing it, somone said before I should debadge the DODGE and the 3.0 LITER on my trunk. Do you think I should take that off? Should I take the STRATUS off from the back?

Also, does anyone know how I can take off my front license plate holder and fill those holes and make it look seamless?

Thanks (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
13 Mar 2003
I was wondering if there is an online store for the Stratus...Like they have for the Grand Prix on GrandPrixStore.com. (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/unsure.gif)
9 Feb 2003
I was just curious if anyone else has a 2003 Stratus...Or am I all alone right now? (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)

Here are some pictures from like, the day after I bought it. I have my windows tinted at 20% charcoal now, and it looks sweet. (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)

9 Feb 2003
When I turn up my stereo, it gets distorted, crackly, little bass, and it sounds like crap.

2 dealers told me if I want quality sound (Even though I have premium Infinity Sound right now) I should get at least an amp and new speakers.

I went to Best Buy, told them the kind of music I like (Mostly like Dance)

They said I should get a new head unit. So, I like this Ponieer one, it has MP3, WMA, CD R/RW, and XM capabilites. The front slides down, and there is a second screen, and to get to the disks, the second screen moves down. It's pretty sweet...$550 for that.

He recommended a 12" Rocford Fosgate HE2 sub in a regular box, it's like, $100 for the box, and like, $200 for the sub.

Then, he recommended a Rocford Fosgate 700 amp (or something like that) for $350.

He the said the Rocford Fosgate 6 1/2 and 2 1/2 speakers for the front for like, $150 and 6 x 9 Poineer's in the back that's like, $150.

To add XM is like, another $200, plus $10/mo. I don't want that stupid antenna for XM on my car though...So I think I'll hold off on that.

All in all, it's $1800 with installation.

What he recommended, does that sound good, or should I be going with some other thing?

I've never put a sound system in before. My Grand Prix had great sound (That had premium sound too). I've also been a little more seious with music since I starting out out to the club.

I have the money (once I sell my Grand Prix GTP...if you're interested in that, lemme know (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif) ) so that's not really much of an issue.

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