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Year: 2001
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Devin 01 RT



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4 Mar 2008
Well, here's a few shots from my weekend fun.

...mmm, Lowering.

Popping the wheel off..

Pulling apart the assembly


Compressing the springs.


Compressing x2

Stock spring on the left, Eibach sportline on the right


Another shot




Putting the new assembly on...

Starting on the other side.




For some reason I didn't upload the beforehand shots, i'll have them up later tonight/tomorrow night.

27 Feb 2008
Alright people.

I've got a perdicament.

Basically, i'm tired of my current paint job, and don't have 1,200+ for a new professional job. I am really considering painting my own car. I've debated it in my head a few times and come to the conclusion that how shitty it looks now, primer wouldn't make it that much worse off, I just need somebody that knows how to spray and finish the job.

I've been reading a few articles online, and actually both of my younger brothers and a few of their buddies all took 'Autobody' in High school so I may have them help me finish this little project.

This thread is more than likely going to be my project log.

I'm going to price out the materials I need, and am going to determine the color that my poor little car is going to be painted very soon, hopefully by this weekend I'll atleast have all of the sanding materials i'm going to need, and the primer as well. Now, it's time to hunt for a person to spray for me, which is what really matters the most.

Wish me luck!
25 Feb 2008


March 13 - 16, 2008

Price Layout

Adult Admission $16.00
Junior Admission (6-12 years) N/C

FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2008
Adult Admission $36.00
Junior Admission (6-12 years) $10.00
Adult Reserved Seat $46.00
Junior Reserved Seat (6-12 years) $20.00
Child Reserved Seat (5 years & under) $10.00

Adult Admission $56.00
Junior Admission (6-12 years) $10.00
Adult Reserved Seat - Pit Side $65.00
Junior Reserved Seat - Pit Side (6-12 years) $24.00
Child Reserved Seat - Pit Side (5 years & under) $14.00
Adult Reserved Seat - Spectator Side $65.00
Junior Reserved Seat - Spectator Side (6-12 years) $24.00
Child Reserved Seat - Spectator Side (5 years & under) $14.00

SUNDAY, MARCH 16, 2008
Adult Reserved Seat - Spectator Side $58.00
Junior Admission (6-12 years) $10.00
Adult Reserved Seat - Pit Side $65.00
Junior Reserved Seat - Pit Side (6-12 years) $24.00
Child Reserved Seat - Pit Side (5 years & under) $14.00
Adult Reserved Seat - Spectator Side $65.00
Junior Reserved Seat - Spectator Side (6-12 years) $24.00
Child Reserved Seat - Spectator Side (5 years & under) $14.00
4-Day Spectator Event Pass
(Thurs. - Sun. - General Admission) $140.00
Finish Line Motorhome Parking $600.00
Motor Home Corral $400.00
Preferred Parking Per Day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $35.00
Preferred Parking (All Days) $75.00

I'd really love to go Friday. My old HS has their fieldtrip down there that day, the qualifying days, I'm sure they'll have the jet cars out there and everything, and it's too much IMO to go on saturday/sunday. Too much money for that, really. So Friday is when i'll be going down. If anybody else is interested in making the trip down, give me a shout, or just add your name to the list.

1. Devin01RT
8 Feb 2008
Here's an odd problem I've never experienced before.

Now, i've searched already and didn't find anything? SO I figure I would go ahead and start a new thread.

Okay, so I'm running to work this morning, and pull off at a local Hess here and was going to grab a drink or whatever, pull up to the building, throw the car in park, turn the key and hop out of the car, and while I was stepping out of the car, it occured to me that it was still running


I was dumbfounded, holding the key, and the ignition was in the Off position, and the car was still running. So I just sit there for a few minutes and stare at it, hop outta the car, hop back in, put the key in and click it forward and try and turn it off again, same outcome. I try this for a good 5 minutes or so before finallly popping the hood and loosening up the positive cable. So I run inside and grab a G2, head back out pop the cables back on, start it up and eventually pull into my work parking lot, and very precautiously shut the lights off, turn the air off and turn the key back one click and then another, and it doesn't shut off!! .. and after about 3-4 seconds after having the key out the car finally shuts down.


This isn't really that big of a problem, it's more-so weird really, I just don't want to have to pop the cables to just shut off my car. Any insight? Thanks in advance...
23 Jan 2008
Well let's see.

Let me try and break down my car in 2007.

- Got the car, completely stock, loved the look of it, reminded me of almost a mini-viper, and I don't think i've ever seen an R/T before I had seen the one at the dealer, I was sold even with the sportronic model.

2007 Mods
- Painted stock wheels
- Painted calipers
- Stereo revamp, 2x 12's and 1800w installed
- Aftermarket CD Player installed
- Megan Racing Headers purchased and installed
- "Custom exhaust"-work in progress
- HIDs purchased (2 sets now) installed, blew fuses and one ballast, so i'm on the 2nd pair
- Tinted headlights
- Tinted tailights and foglights (now all back to stock)
- Ebay intake (SRI) and eventually upgraded to CAI...


..so far

- Went back to SRI, and purchased a damn $55 K&N filter
- Had LogicGate(Alfred) tune my car (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) very great ++
- Un-tinted my lights for now, (redesign in progress)
- New 120RMS door speakers (some sort of Kenwood, don't remember the model, 3way)

..things to come

- Lowered before the year is up, hopefully.
- Fix any and all performance issues
- Exhaust leaks
- Vacuum leaks
- Any other high mileage issues
- Replace plugs and wires with high performance, and possibly new Cap
- New subwoofers (need easier access to trunk, and more sound)
- Interior wetsanding and sweet coat overlays (Liz inspired)
- Repaint wheels (i've had duplicolor on them for a while, I think it's time for a new coat/high gloss or possibly even powdercoated..we'll see)
- Repaint calipers new color
- Re-clear headlights, re-tint with new design tail-lights.
- Upgrade (somehow) foglights. Possibly go HID with ballasts.
- New paint job, now, this is one of the highest priorities for me, but I'm realistic and realize that it may take a while to get this done, still shopping and saving $ for now.
- Try and be happy with my car, I AM stuck with it for now, might as well make the best of it (IMG:http://www.2gstratus.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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