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6 Oct 2008
I finally got around to moving the mirror controls to the door. Some parts were easy, but others.... grrr.

I had to move the mirror controls somewhere as I put my "Space Navigator" mouse where the mirrors used to live. Anyway, I had an 04 door and for the 2.5g, that's were they were relocated too. The door controls are a bit different, and while the pin-out is totally different for the mirror controls, the 2g mirror control is the same size and can pop right in.

First of all, I didn't want to cut up the harness, so I needed to make an extension harness if you will. As I had a few mirror controls to spare, I decided to use one for the "base", bascially a breakout for the wires that would plug in so I could revert to stock if need be.

What I did was take just the base part that plugs in, cut all the wires and sever the two capacitors so there would be no electrical connection between the 7 leads. For the actual control, I just soldered directly to the pins.

Now I needed a plug of some type inbetween, but it had to be relatively compact to make it through the rubber boot. I decided to use a PS/2 keyboard extension cable as it has seven leads (6 signal and one bare ground) and it's M/F so mates to itself. I cut the extension cable in two and soldered the shorter side to the mirror control, and the longer to my "plugin" to the harness. As long as you go pin to pin with the same color, it really doesn't matter, but as the barrel is ground, and theoretically could be shorted to the body, I used that for the ground connection, the rest, it really doesn't matter.


The wires are a little small for a motor, but considering that the mirror motors aren't used for very long, I didn't think it would be a problem. I also tried to stall it by forcing the mirror to the limits (which makes the current surge) and it didn't heat the wire so it should be good.

That all went pretty easy, so it was time to test it. The first thing I noticed was that the panel from the 04 is MUCH longer, I don't know if I forget it or not, or just never noticed.


I was going to make a template to cut it just right, but said hell with it. I just marked it off with a penciil and used a sawzall blade with a handle to make the cut. (You wanna cut towards the back!)

This was made slightly more difficult as the door already has a punch out for the 3g eclipse bigger than stock (but smaller than 04) control, so the end wants to break there.


Anyway, that went fairly easy, so all I had to do was a quick coat of paint on the cover.


Now here comes the problem. The boot was so god damn tight and packed in by all the electronics, I just couldn't push it through.

Finally, I removed the speaker on the door and made a little slit on the inside and fed my electrical snake through. That was pretty easy, then i taped the shit out of the ps2 connector to the tab on the the snake. I taped the flat end to the the snake blade, wedged against the tab so it couldn't slip off.


No go, hours of pushing, pulling and tugging and I just couldn't get it to budge. I tried to get in there with some needle nose and spread her, but didn't work. After hours of freezing and tugging, finally (my back is f*cked btw), I decided to just go for it. I held the door with my body and just yanked as hard as I could. Thought the snake was gonna snap and send me sprawling (or break the stock wiring), but finally it yanked through.

Success! Hopefully my back is forgiving.


The mirror controls are a little closer to the door handle than I'd like, a tiny bit award compared to stock, but still pretty easy to operate.

One thing though, the 04 window/lock controls seem to fit perfectly in both the stock 2g plate, and in the harness side, I thought about retaining them, as they are illuminated, but they don't work. The passenger window works, everything else simply operates the locks, (and a worrisome noise on the amp) so I didn't use it.
19 Sep 2008
Came across this hood on ebay, $150 "buy it now" price, ends today ~ 4:30 EST, local pick-up in CA, looks like a pretty good deal. If you're in the area, probably worth a look.
10 Jun 2008
Anyone know of any Florida members who have had to apologize handcuffed face down recently? LOL


6 Apr 2008
I noticed a bug today with archiving PMs. We now have a limit of 100 messages, but you can only select up to 50 when archiving.
15 Mar 2008
I live in Southie (South Boston) and with St Patrick's day tomorrow, the normally high level of Saturday night drunks is hitting the stratosphere.

Anyway, I'm at a light and these drunk chicks are walking behind my car.

One of the the staggering chicks starts screaming at her drunk and oblivious girlfriend...

"Hey Jen, it's your car, it's a Dodge Stratus, it's your fucking Dodge Stratus!".

friend stares off swaying blankly

"Hey Jen, your car!, Dodge Stratus, your fucking Dodge Stratus!".

friend stares off swaying blankly

repeat a few more times.. screaming it in the middle of the street until, she walks up to the trunk and says

"Oh wait, it's a... Sebring???", (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) ,

I was thinking about attempting to talk to them, but the light changed and in there state, figured it was pointless. I can see it now,
"There's a site called 2gstratus?"
"What? a sight of ugly fatass?"

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