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13 Sep 2012
For those of you who aren't familiar with my set up prior to the 6G75 swap and for all of the newer members who don't know who I am or anything about my car, I had the Ripp SDS on my car that was tuned with a standalone Haltech E8.

I'm going to post about how the swap progressed later in this thread. I have the engine installed already. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic, my lens is all scratched up)


I chose a non-mivec 75 because I was going to use my distributor setup that I had with my 72. The plan was to eventually use the COP system that the engine came with, after I had worked out the bugs involved with the swap. The stock distributor was damaged during install, but at the time I didn't think much of it, because the Haltech could run the COP system. I haven't been able to fire the engine. I don't have spark. My tuner and I wired the 72 to the Haltech. It ran perfectly for 30,000 miles which then I decided to swap in the 75.

The Haltech E8 has 4 ignition outputs. To run the v6, the engine must be wired to run wasted spark. Each coil has 3 wires, a 12v wire, ground and signal. The 3 sets of coils each have their own ignition output from the E8, which is then connected to the haltech Ignitor. From the ignitor, the coil negatives are attached to each set of coils. The 3rd wire on each coil is connected to 12v switched power.

The part where I believe something isn't connected right is from the Haltech to the crank sensor. The original setup had one ignition output wired to the distributor and the Home Cable from the E8 was wired for a reluctor sensor that tapped into the ecu.

Obviously since the distributor is no longer on the car, the wiring has to be updated. According to the Haltech manual, 3-wire crank sensors are usually Hall Effect sensors and the 72 sensor is 3 wires. With that being the case I tapped into the 12v, signal and ground wires of the crank sensor. I have an RPM signal but still no spark.

My tuner is trying to find the original diagram he made up when the Haltech was installed, that should shed some light on the problem.

6 Dec 2009
I've pretty much been MIA this past year on the forums, but I figured this would be a good way to get updated with the new things members are doing to their Strats. Also, this forum is seriously lacking a thread with a whole bunch of Strat pics in it!

Pretty much the only pics I took of my car this summer:

2 Dec 2008
Well, it finally happened. The original V-5 G-trim vortech that came with my Ripp SDS failed on me. I did a minor rebuild by replacing the bearings and seals with little success, so I decided to take advantage of Vortech's V-2 exchange program. I got a credit/discount for sending in my old supercharger, and then this showed up on my porch today! This is a V-2 Si-Trim supercharger.


V-2 Si-Trim
MAX Impeller Speed: 55,000 RPM
Flow/CFM: 1,150
Horse Power: 800
Adiabatic efficiency: 78%
Helical cut gear profile with SQ technology

Compared to my old V-5 G-trim.

Fits engines up to 575 horsepower
Maximum airflow: 800 CFM
Maximum boost pressure: 25 PSI
Absolute maximum impeller speed: 65,000 RPM
Adiabatic efficiency: 73%
Straight cut spur gear

This new supercharger is going to make alot more power then my old one. I'm probably going to put my stage 1 pulley back on and have it retuned in the spring to see how it reacts, then I'll go from there.
8 Oct 2008
Well, it was finally time to get a car for the winter. I've been able to avoid driving the Strat in the winter the last few years because I went away to college (didn't need a car at school) and last year my sister was away so I drove her Jeep. This year I don't have that option, so I had to get something for the winter. I was looking at quite a few different cars. I was looking at of course the Grand Cherokee, 300C, Crossfires, and the newer Saab 93 aeros. In the end, I went with the Jeep for a few reasons, I've always liked the way the Jeeps felt when I drove them, they last forever, I could get one really cheap (most people are giving them away) and because I needed the hauling capacity for my business.

I found a 2002 GC Limited with a High Output 4.7 v8. I bought it from a guy whp let his kids drive it around in high school and then take it to college. Needless to say there are a few scratches, most of which I've been able to buff out. Overall, its in really good shape.

25 Sep 2008
Just like the topic says. I'm looking to quickly check a VIN number, so if anyone has a CarFax account please let me know. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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Hey whats up man um new to this site i have a 01 dodge strat R/T and i was wondering where u got the headlights just let me know thanks man
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